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Radius Floss Sachets

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Flossing has never been so convenient! These floss sachets by Radius are perfect for travel -- or anytime you're on the go. Each floss sachet is individually packaged as a one-time flosser that tears open to provide an easy-to-use handle. Made with ingredients that are beneficial to tooth health like xylitol & candelilla wax, this is a daily habit you don't want to skip! 

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  • June Eco Chic Chica Box

Radius Floss Sachet Ingredients

Cranberry (Vegan):

Natural USA-made Xylitol, Natural Cranberry Essence, Candelilla Plant Wax, Soft Nylon

Mint (Vegan):

Natural USA-made Xylitol, Natural Mint, Natural Tea Tree Oil, Candelilla Plant Wax, Soft Nylon

Natural Silk:

Natural Silk, Candelilla Plant Wax

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