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Your health makeover starts here.

Let us swap out your toxic, health-damaging products for better, safer alternatives with The Box. Our monthly subscription plan delivers premium, toxin-free, full-size green-living essentials for your home & body at a fraction of the retail cost. 

All products are carefully curated, researched, and tested by the Back to Basics founder -- a homeopath & wellness expert -- for your new healthy living plan. 

Finally, the things you need for the body you love delivered right to your doorstep. 

Here's the rundown on how to choose the best box for you:

Box Type

What You'll Get

Household Combo Total of 6 products: 2 women's beauty/body/skincare products + 2 men's body/self-care products + 2 home/cleaning products
Eco Chic Chica Total of 4 products: 2 women's beauty/body/skincare products + 2 home/cleaning products
Go Green Gent Total of 4 products: 2 men's body/self-care products + 2 home/cleaning products